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Top 3 Gadgets To Clean Your Home After Quarantine



How to clean the pool??


Pools need to be properly cleaned and maintained to keep them safe and sanitary all season.


NET VACUUM for the pool– Specially designed to vent under pressure when it sticks to vinyl pool liners. Its dual relief valves release the suction when the vacuum face becomes clogged or seals too tightly against the pool floor, which reduces strain on the filter-pump and prevents the vacuum from pulling up your pool lining. The unit is amply weighted to maintain contact with the pool floor and the overall design was inspired specifically with vinyl pools in mind.

Premium Quality – Vacuum head is molded from ABS plastic and polypropylene mesh making it comfortably lightweight and extra durable. Fine mesh netting efficiently Clean up even the tiniest bugs and particles.

Universal Fit – The vacuum port fits standard 1.5" vacuum hoses and the handle has spring-loaded locking clips making it easy to attach to standard extension poles.

Easy Usage - Specially designed to allow the SKIMMER NET VACUUM to move effortlessly through the water. No more straining your arms! Just attach the Leaf Skimmer Net Vacuum to your existing filter-pump and a standard extension pole to the spring-loaded handle and you're ready to go! It is weighted so it sinks right to the bottom of your pool and stays there for easy cleaning!

Multipurpose Use - Scoops out leaves, bugs other kinds of debris from your swimming pool, pond, hot tub, fountain, or large fish tanks. Leaves water sparkling clean inviting.


Say goodbye to dirty pools for fun summer swimming with Leaf Skimmer Net Vacuum!

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 Drain cleaner






Drain Cleaner gets the job done by dissolving grease, hair, paper, soap scum, oils, and organic matter easily.

It won't harm your drains, pipes, or septic system, as it made only from non-corrosive & noncaustic materials.

It liquefies fats, oils, lint, paper, hair, and other organic matter causing drain obstructions.

Using a high-density formula, our products stick to the walls of your pipes and alters the pH level to rapidly dissolve the obstruction.

Dissolves grease, hair, oils, soap paper products easily; Perfect to use on pipes, toilets, sinks, tubs and in other main drain lines; Made of a non-corrosive formula that’s safe on septic systems; Uses its high density to cling to pipes and liquify drain obstructions; Non-corrosive, no caustic and odorless formula.

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Universal attachment:

  • The cleaning brush can be attached to the various sizes of the vacuum hose The blue part is detachable to adapt to a smaller or bigger hose. The vacuum attachment interface is 1.3 inches in diameter and suitable for the most standard sized vacuum hose.

Excellent Quality:

  •  This Vacuum brush consists of 30 long and flexible straws. Each straw is fixed with special glue to prevent it from falling off. Our vacuum brushes are made of soft, high-quality plastic. The high-quality hose is not easy to be broken, the straw is not easy to block, and it will not fall off during use, ensuring the most comfortable user experience for the customer.


Easy and comfortable to use:

  • No need to worry about the daily cleaning. The long and flexible hoses can enter any corners and crevices when cleaning the space between large, hard-to-move objects.
  • You can also use this dust cleaner brush to clean your keyboard, drawers, car seats, car vents, air vents, types of furniture, bookshelf, jewelry, sofa, personal computer, laptop, plants, pets, and corners where normal vacuum cleaner can’t. You can explore our tools to develop new features!
  • There is no need to worry about large items or debris being inhaled.
  • Just connect this to your vacuum cleaner and start your cleaning with the long, highly effective flexible tubes. It is very convenient and simple.