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Toys  for kids' better growth and overall development

Toys for kids' better growth and overall development

Toys  for kids' better growth and overall development

KIDS TOY: Kids are naughty, they hate boundaries, they do harmless mischief. Don’t bound them. Make them fly, allow them dream, provide them space. They will crawl, they will fall they will make you run behind them instead provide them some following toys to keep them engage and, they learn from them.

Cute Rabbit Plush Toys

It’s a cute stuffed rabbit, a super gift for your loved ones. Made up of plush fur of high quality. Perfect pillow to cuddle on bedtime, naptime, fun time. Easy to carry for yours travels also when with children. It can be babies one of most favourite gift, perfect for little girls, one who love soft toys, good for new-born, infants and twins.


Cube Puzzle Children

It helps to build hand and eye co-ordination, sensory development, analysis & thinking, problem solving etc. It is faster movable. This helps you reduce addition towards phone but increases addiction towards the cube! It is made up nontoxic eco friendly material also its comfortable to hold and is light weighted.


Baby Sofa Seat

It is apt for 4-11 months babies. It is perfect for floor time activities when they are developing their motor and sensory skills. Mom can be assured while her household activities also she can see her baby play side by. It is soft and breathable, gives a feeling of comfort! Non slip bottom prevents unnecessary movement, makes it safer. Easy to store. Kids friendly product!!


Children Building Block

How much delight it gives to a child when he built his first block building! It is just incomparable. Multi-colour blocks give wings to their imagination for their age. They try joining it, dismantle it until they get the right thing done which makes them learn about trying until you succeed. They experience both joy of making and a sorrow of failure.

The blocks are made up of non-toxic plastic, smooth texture, no sharp edges.


Woodpecker Educational kids’ toy

Made up of environment friendly material ensure safety during play. It also encourages early learning. it develops child’s creativity, colour and count recognition, hand-eye coordination. Cute insects are hidden in wooden stumps, which are attracted to the bird's head in hands of kids. Grab the bird's handle and take out the colourful caterpillars and put them into the tree. It boosts your child patience and problem-solving ability. It also increases parent child engagements.


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