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The best fitness equipment to help you exercise from home

The best fitness equipment to help you exercise from home


Hitting a gym calls for a budget but your home fitness regime doesn’t. Life has become sedentary which makes it more and more important to engage in health and fitness routine. Home workout is very convenient makes you more flexible and versatile, don’t have to wait in queue for gym equipment( you don’t lose momentum) , you have your choice of music can be low or loud, makes you more focussed and what not. Below are some highly indispensable unique products on your way to health and fitness.

Adjustable back posture corrector

Not only for correct posture it works for pains too. It’s a substitute to regular pain killers and pain ointments. It’s a sought of reminder to our body to stay in proper form. It is easy to put posture corrector on. The Velcro in front makes it adjustable. It is washable, easily foldable and don’t take much space in your travel bag. Seems like a bag pack without any load.


Anti-slip yoga socks

Whether some squats or lunges or the jumping jacks; any form of exercise on any surface be it wooden floor the anti-slip yoga socks works for all. They remain in secure position due to the straps also making it totally comfortable and reliable. They make feel you nicely on feet and looks cute too.


Training bow

It’s a all in one fitness device. Don’t panic if you missed the gym, use training bow for your thighs, arms, tummy, waist and shoulder workout. Place it on the selected area and expand and compress accordingly. The stiffness of device makes it perfect for stretching.


Heated body massager

It can be used for massage on your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, thighs, calves, legs, feet and arms – helping your full body parts to release stress, relieve sore muscles and help you relax. It comes with adjustable 3 speed strengths which allows you to select one which can be bear by you. With infrared heat the massager eases muscle tension, stress and promote blood circulation.


Oil control painless blackhead remover

Don’t let your busy schedule to affect your skin quality. All you need is healthy and glowing skin. Bring this oil control painless blackhead remover to your skincare regime. It is a peel off mask can be used both by male and female. It helps peel off dead skin and clear pores. It is a painless technique unlike other blackhead removal process. The presence of honey makes the skin radiate and glow. The ease of process promotes it adaptability. Have beautiful skin, beautiful day!!


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