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Must have when you pack for travel and outdoors

Must have when you pack for travel and outdoors

Dont forget to stuff your backpack with these when on travel or outdoors.


Depending upon you and your priorities while travelling and outdoor your checklist can be tailored. It must be altered in such a way you don’t forget your essentials. There are some indispensable yet very handy less space consuming products for your travel and outdoors.

Its okay if you forget your sunglasses or sunblock but following products add to your comfort. So buy them and don’t forget to add them in your checklist.

Travel inflatable footrest pillow

This footrest is an amazing design and can be used at three different levels. Easy to inflate and deflate. They are great on overseas flight, lightweight and compact. Apt during pregnancy for swollen feet. It has got right height for the use.


Neck traction pillow

Best for cervical pain cure. It does similar thing to the traction. It eases pain and swelling. Due to the velvet material you will feel comfortable on wearing it. The traction pillow has a handheld inflator air bulb pump for easy inflation and deflation. It helps you maintain natural curve and alignment of neck. Not only that it also improves blood supply to neck muscles, tendons and ligaments.


Comfy flighter

On overseas trips all you need is comfortable journey. Comfy flighter enables you for the same. It’s a simple design yet unique function. Simply hang the foot sling from tray or any support then rest your feet to improve circulation. It eases aches, stiffness and swelling.


Avocado float with removable pit

A perfect product for beach and pool season. The pit in that is a beach ball. Enjoy your summers, chill with a drink and place yourself in pool with avocado float. It is adorable!! Unique and convenient!


Folding water bottle

Features like lightweight, portable, leak-proof, easy clean is there in it. Made up of food grade silicon. Unique design and stunning look make it something you flaunt. The capacity is 550mL which is of standard size. Safe for hot beverages till 60 degrees.


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